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Peony Sarah Bernhardt Select Bare Root Size 3/5 

Paeonia x lactiflora


Rich rose-pink, fully-double flowers edged in light-pink with a few petals showing crimson tips. This SELECT sport of 'Sarah Bernhardt' has much more crimson in her petals with streaking and even entire petals popping with extraordinary crimson-red.


Otherwise, 'Pink Sarah Bernhardt SELECT' plants are just as robust, floriferous, and as classically fragrant as the original. Superb cut-flower. Staking may be needed for the generous and heavy 7" to 8" blooms.


In fact, many continue blooming beautifully for over 100 years. Once they're established, they're as hardy and dependable as oaks, creating a fantastic season of bloom in your yard year after year.




Plant Life cycle : Perrenial

Season :Mid-season.

Site: FulL Sun

Hardiness Zone :Zones 3-8

Height: 36"

Plant spacing: 24- 36"

Deer resistant : Yes

1 Bare root  with 3/5 eyes / per order 


Approximate shipping time : Late October/Early November





Peony Sarah Bernhardt Select Bare Root Size 3/5

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