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Sunflower ' Teddy Bear'

Helianthus annuus


Fluffy, round, fully double flower heads are marked with a dark brown eye. Inter-plant them with other sunflower varieties, add to your border, or grow in containers. Plant Teddy Bear sunflower seeds for a unique cut flower. Plant grows to a height of 3'.


Because Teddy Bear Sunflowers produce so many flower petals, they are good for sprinkling over salads in the summer. The petals are completely edible. This variety is a great choice for cut flowers as the stems are strong and straight. It will attract bumblebees and other pollinators the the garden space. It's a long time favourite, best seller . Excellent Cut Flower

Sunflower 'Teddy Bear '

    • Plant Life Cycle: Annual
    • Site: Full Sun
    • Height: 3 Feet
    • Avg Germination : 10-14 days
    • Sowing Depth: 1/4-1/2 "
    • Plant spacing : 6 "
    • Approx seeds per packet : 20
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