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Strawflower ' Silver Rose'

Helichrysum bracteatum


This seed is packed for the 2024 growing season. If stored in a cool, dry place, seeds can keep for 2 to 3 years.


iThis Strawflower is  the most well known and is probably the best of all the everlasting flowers. It is the cut flower grower's staple, producing tall vigorous branching plants that are filled with large papery flowers. 

The substantial 2" wide blooms are held atop strong multi-branching bright green stems. The flowers are perfect for cutting, they have a subtle silky sheen and are striking in all stages, from bud to fully opened. 

Helichrysum bracteatum grow to around 3ft tall. They are easy to cultivate and established plants grow well with little or no attention. The flowers bloom from mid-summer right up to frost, they prefer a position in full sun and will do well in poor to average soils. They tolerate heat and drought conditions and they can survive light frosts.

In the greenhouse, the plants will bloom non-stop from ten weeks after sowing and will continue to flower until frost gets to them in late autumn.


Helichrysum bracteatum 'Silvery Rose' produces blooms that are pure to creamy-white and frosted with rose at the petal tips. They have a pearlescent sheen, reminiscent of vintage mother of pearl. The delicate rose colour is more subtle on young blooms, the colour darkens as they mature and open.
Apart from being useful for beds and borders, Helichrysum makes one of the finest subjects for bouquets. They are also an excellent cut or dried flower, the papery flowers give an excellent natural colour. 

Known as an 'everlasting' because the flowers will last indefinitely when dried. Both the colour and shape will last indefinitely.

Strawflower 'Silver Rose'

  • LifeCycle: Annual

    Site: Full Sun

    Days to Maturity 80-90 Days

    Height: 36-48"

    Seed Depth: Surface, press into the soil.Do not Cover

    Plant Spacing: 12"

    Approx seeds per packet : 50

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