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Peony 'Florence Nicholls'


Exclusive ! Bare roots will be shipped  in late fall. ~ Late October/Early November


The scent of Paeonia Florence Nicholls can be described as light and fresh and evokes a summery vibe. Because of this delicious fragrance she is the perfect peony variety for lovers of the so called "parfum flowers". But there is more to want. The white flowers have a pink glow to them and are huge and opulent. Hence this presentation Florence Nichols is one of our best "blush" peonies and therefore extremely popular in the wedding season.    


Formidable flower

The variety Florence Nicholls is overwhelming for many reasons. In the first place because she is a double-flowered peony that blooms in the shape of a rose. On top of that she has formidable flowers that can grow up to 17 cm in full bloom. Therefore she can measure herself with big, blush peony varieties as Moon over Barrington or Dynasty.




Florence Nicholls was bred in 1938 as a seedling of the peony variety Mme. Calot and is named after Mrs. J.C. Nicholls.





Fragrance :              Fragrant

Flowering period: Middle

Color :                        Blush Pink

Flower size:              100 - 150 mm, 150 - 200 mm

Bud size :                  30 - 40 mm, 40 - 50 mm

Flower shape :        Bowl form, Double flowered

Root Size  :                3/5 Eyes

Peony 'FLORENCE NICHOLLS ' Bare root Size 3/5 Eyes

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