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Foxglove ‘Apricot Beauty’ 
Digitalis purpurea


'Apricot Beauty' Foxglove produces gorgeous, pastel apricot-pink blooms with spotted and speckled interiors. Bell-shaped flowers dangle off tall, sturdy spires that form atop foliage-rich plants. Plant this biennial beauty in the back border of any sunny or partially sunny area and it will bloom throughout the summer.


Plant life cycle: biennial

Site: Sun/part sun/part shade
Height: 60-72”

Days to germinate:20-30 days
Days to maturity: 330-360 days
Plant spacing: 12-18"
Approx seeds per packet: 200



How to Grow:

Grow  in rich, moist soil and in full sun for northern climates and partial shade in southern climates. Foxglove apricot is superb in borders, beds, and open woodland gardens.Space 12 - 18 inches apart. Sow Foxglove flower seeds outdoors directly into prepared soil in the spring after danger of frost has passed. You can not go wrong with this Apricot Beauty Foxglove!


How to harvest:

Harvest  when just a few blossoms are open.


Vase life:

With a proper care and handling will last for 7-9 days

Foxglove 'Apricot Beauty '

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