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Chinese Forget-Me-Not 'Mystic Pink'

Cynoglossum amabile



This TAll Florist Type Forget Me Not Chinese 'Mystic Pink'has soft  pink blooms.Tall, sturdy stems with delicate, pale pink flowers add a soft touch to mixed bouquets. Productive, healthy plants yield multiple cuts.Very  easy to grom from seeds and this clump-forming annual flower features grey-green foliage with strong, upright stems and blooms profusely with masses of highly attractive, small light-pink flowers. Overwinters well in  unheated tunnel or outdoor in mild climats.(Growing zone 7-10)


Will flower after three months from sowing seeds.Chinese Forget Me Not blooms all season long from spring until frost creating a charming display and attracting bees and butterflies.

Chinese Forget Me Not 'Mystic Pink'

  • Lifecycle: Annual/Tender annual

    Site: Full Sun/Part Shade

    Avg.Germination: 7-14 Dayas

    Maturity: 75-85 Days

    Height : 30"

    Seed Depth:1/4"

    Plant Spacing: 8-12 "

    Approx seeds per packet : 70

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