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Sunflower 'ProCut White Nite '

Helianthus annuus hyb


ProCut White Nite is truly unique in the sunflower world. Amazing flowers that open with a creamy vanilla color quickly turning white in a few days of sunlight contrasted with a dark center and borne on a single stem
Single-stem plants have tall, strong stems and 4–6", pollenless blooms.

This single-stemmed variety is pollenless and bred for commercial cut flower production.



Life Cycle : Annual

Site : Full Sun

Days to Germinate: 5- 7 days

Days to maturity: 60-65

Height: 60-72"

Seed depth:1/2"

Plant Spacing :6-9"

Approx seeds per packet: 20


How to Grow:

It’s best to sow sunflower seeds directly into the garden (or outdoor containers) after the danger of spring frost has passed anytime after soils have warmed to at least 50°F (10°C).



For indoor bouquets, cut the main stem just before its flower bud has a chance to open to encourage side blooms.

Cut stems early in the morning. Harvesting flowers during middle of the day may lead to flower wilting.


Vase Life:

With a proper care and handling up to 7-10 days.




Sunflower 'ProCut White Nite '

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