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Safflower( Safron Thistle) 

Carthamus  Tinctorius 'Zanzibar'


New! Sturdy and versatile flowers and foliage.


Florist Type Safflower (Carthamus) ' Zanzibar' has a striking appearance, with fiery orange thistle-like flowers and dark green leaves. Zanzibar has sturdy, well-branching stems with a length of 32-40" cm. It can be sown both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its good weather resistance. For outdoor production it is advisable to grow under a tunnel. Sowing can be done successively from late winter to late summer, for a long harvest period from early summer to mid autumn. Zanzibar is very uniform in plant structure and flowering time. Cultivation time is 10 to 14 weeks, depending on the sowing period. Fresh, dark green foliage and geometric buds add structure to mixed bouquets. Great in combination with sunflowers. This strain is nearly thornless for easy harvest. Tufted thistle-like flowers with oval leaves. Fiery orange-and-gold petals are edible and sometimes used as a substitute for saffron. Also known as safflower. This versatile Carthamus is suitable for fresh and dried bouquets, and can also be harvested green at an earlier stage.

Safflower Carthamus QIS 'Zanzibar'

  • Plant Lifecycle: Annual

    Site : Full Sun

    Height: 32-40"

    Days to Germinate: 10-14 days

    Days to Maturity: 70

    Sow Depth: 1/4"

    Plant Spacing: 6-9"

    Approx Seeds per packet: 50



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