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Chinese Lantern

Physalis alkekengi


Chinese lantern is a hardy perennial that provides colorful fall interest and can be grown in the ground or containers. It is a clump-forming plant with 3-inch long medium green leaves. Small white bell-shaped flowers appear in summer, but they are insignificant. The real appeal lies in the signature lanterns, which are seed pods that mature to a bright pumpkin-orange at the end of the growing season in early fall. 

This fast-growing plant will reach maturity and bloom in its first season.

Wonderful for fall decoration and crafts




Plant Life Cycle: Hardy perennial

Site: Full sun/Partial sun

Height: 28"

Sow : Surface, lightly cover 

Plant spacing: 12-18"

Approx seeds per packet: 30


How to grow:
Chinese lantern is easy to grow and is best planted in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.


How to harvest:

When the pods have matured to their orange to reddish-orange color, it's time to harvest them. First, cut off a stem with pods at ground level. Strip off the leaves, and place into water.

To dry : hang whole stem upside down in a dark, cool place with good ventilation  to dry the pods. Drying should be complete in a few weeks.


Vase life:

Will last very long time- 7-14 days


Chinese Lantern' ( Physalis alkekengi)

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