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Carrot 'Tendersweet

Daucus carota subsp. sativus


70-75 days. Tendersweet carrot Seeds. . Non-GMO. Heirloom. This carrot is tender 9-10" roots and its unmatched sugar content, next to sugar beet, Tendersweet carrot is truly one of the sweetest root vegetables in the garden.  They are coreless and delicious, perfect for canning, juicing, or eating raw.



Plant life cycle: hardy annual

Site: Full sun

Days to maturity: 70-75 days

Seed depth: 1/2"

Plant spacing: 1"

Row spacing: 18-24"

Aprox seeds per packet: 1/32 0z 


How to grow:

Carrot is a cool weather crop best sown directly 2-3 weeks before final spring frost and every 2 weeks after for successive harvests. Like many root vegetables, carrot does not transplant well and should be sown directly. Plant 2-3 seeds 1/2" deep and 1-2" apart in loamy, loose, and well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0. Seeds germinate in 14-21 days, thinning back to 1 plant every 2-4" as true leaves establish. Carrots require a deep well-tilled garden for straight taproot growth. Avoid using nitrogen-rich fertilizers which are known to cause root abnormalities as well as excessive greens and weak root development.

These carrots should be planted in soil with a pH level of approximately five to seven. The soil should also be sandy and moist, with few rocks or lumps to get in the way of the root growth. Sow the seeds in the spring in an area with full sun by placing half an inch of soil over each seed.




Organic Carrot 'Tendersweet '- NonGmo, Heirloom

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