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Peony 'GARDENIA' Bare Root Size 3/5


Gardenia is a full-petalled peony with flowers in the shape of a rose. The outer petals are light pink and the inner petals, when fully bloomed, are ivory white. This combination of colors is also knows as blush white. This peony has strong, red stems and healthy leaves. Very Productive




This peony variety was bred in 1955 by Lins.



Because of her sweet color, Gardenia is extremely popular as a bridal peony. But also in a nice seasonal bouquet she will fit perfectly.


Before putting Gardenia in lukewarm water cut the stems diagonally at the bottom . Cutting the stems diagonally allows for greater surface area and therefore a better water uptake





Plant Life Cycle : Perrenial

Fragrance :              Fragrant

Site: Full Sun

Height: 2'-3'( 60-90 cm)

Plant spacing: 2'-3'

Flowering period: Middle

Color :                        Blush Pink/ White

Flower size:              100 - 150 mm, 150 - 200 mm

Bud size :                  30 - 40 mm, 40 - 50 mm

Flower shape :      Rose form, Double flowered

Root Size  :                3/5 Eyes

Approx. shipping time : Late October/Early Novemer


All peony roots will come with full  instruction how to grow and care for them.



Peony 'GARDENIA' Bare Root Size 3/5

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