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We are a small family based organic garden farm from North Carolina, non GMO vegetable, flowers and seeds company. We have organic approach in our daily lives, we never use any chemicals in our homes and garden.

With a huge passion for heirloom organic vegetables, fruits, berries, and flowers of course - 
Indra lives with her Husband who is a French Chef in Charlotte, NC.
When Indra was just a little girl she remembers living with her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother on a farm in Latvia with endless fields of vegetables, fruit orchard, flower garden and farm animals. There were Herbalists in her family too where she learned all about medicinal plants.
Throughout her life she carried three passions, Gourmet food, Herbal Medicine and Flowers. Indra had been growing vegetables, fruits, berries and flowers all her life.
In 2017 after her mom passed away, she established a cut flower garden in her Memory. No grass was left around the house, only flowers as far you can see.
In 2019 her older daughter got sick with a “Mystery” illness. No doctor could explain or cure her illness. After long research on their own, they found that illness was caused by living in an apartment with mold exposure. Treatments were long and pricy, and Indra decided to sell her plants to raise money to help pay her daughter’s medical bills.  
She had the most beautiful garden with rare, hard to find specialty cut flowers, English roses collection, peonies … just a name of a few… 
After posting an ad in the local paper people as far as SC, GA started to come to the house to buy her treasures.
After when her daughter got better, she decided to grow and share her love for flowers with others.  Her Moto is: “Lets grow flowers and color the world” This is how it all started. All you need is Love and flowers :) She later added specialty vegetable seeds, sourced around the world !

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