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Mignonette ‘White Mignonette’
Reseda alba 



Small, fringed white flowers with a sweet, spicy scent are densely packed on tall, upright spires. ‘White Mignonette’ is adored by pollinators and an easy to grow scented addition for bouquets. We loved her long vase life, her versatility in arrangements, and how she glowed and hummed in the cutting garden.clean, vanilla, violet-like fragrance which captures the air and the interest added by its delicate and profuse florets and all who visit them, ‘White Mignonette’ is a worthy addition to a cutting garden and mixed border. Easy to grow. Bloomed throughout the late spring and summer. Visually interesting seed pods.


Wonderful cut flower and for bridal work.Must Grow


Plant Life Cycle: Annual

Site: Full sun/Partial sun


Days to Germinate : 7-14 days
Days to maturity: 60-70 days

Sow: Surface, press into the soil
Plant spacing: 9-12”
Approx seeds per packet: 100


How to Grow:

DIRECT SOW - Sow after threat of frost into garden soil that is of a fine tilth. Prefer light to germinate so gently press into soil. Can be sown in early spring or late fall in mild growing zones.


TRANSPLANT (recommended) - Sow 6-8 weeks before intended transplant date which should be after threat of frost has passed. Sow 2 seeds per cell and very lightly cover with vermiculate. Succession plant every 2-4 weeks for continual harvest


Harvest when the bottom ⅓ of the flowers on each stem are open or harvest when seed pods have matured.


Vase Life: With a proper care and handling will last 5-7 days  

Mignonette ‘White Mignonette’ (Reseda Alba)

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