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Cress 'Persian'
Lepidium sativum


Productive, easy-to-grow greenery.

Airy, yet sturdy branches filled with tiny seed pods that resemble silvery-green coins. Grew faster and taller in our trials than Wrinkled Crinkled Cress, which is also used as a cut flower filler. We recommend multiple plantings about two weeks apart for continuous harvest. Persian Cress leaves are edible and have a mild, peppery flavor. Also makes a nice salad green.


Life Cycle: annual

Site:Full Sun
Height: 36-40”

Days to Germinate: 2-4 dayas
Days to maturity: 50-60 days
Plant spacing: 2-4”
Approx seeds per packet: 100


How to Grow:

Direct seed (recommended) - Sow as soon as soil can be worked. Cover seeds with 1/4" soil. Thin when first true leaves appear.Sow every 2 weeks for a steady supply.


Harvesting:Pick as soon as the seeds have formed all the way to the tip. These stems do not need any special conditioning other than resting in water, preferably overnight.


Vase Life:

Up to 7-10d days

Cress 'Persian '

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