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Tickseed 'Incredible'

Coreopsis tinctoria


Large-Flower Tickseed  has very showy bright yellow flowers and blooms from late spring to late summer. Deadhead the spent flowers to prolong the blooming season. It is clump-forming and grows 1-3 feet tall and wide.

Interesting cut flower and great as a bouquet filler, especially with sunflowers and alike 


Plant life cycle: annual

Site: Full sun
Height: 36-48”
Days to maturity: 65-70 days
Plant spacing: 9-12”
Approx seeds per packet: 100 



How to Grow:
Start seed indoors in trays 4-6 weeks before last frost

Coreopsis should be started outdoors, but can be planted indoors and transplanted if it is done when it is still very small. The tall variety can grow anywhere between 32 and 48 inches tall. The slim seeds will germinate in either fall or early spring. Plains Coreopsis grows rapidly when planted in well-drained soils. A fall planting is possible when a mild winter follows. Any area that weathers strong winters must spring plant


How to harvest:
Harvest when ⅓ of the flowers  are open.


Vase life:

A vase life of 5-6 days.

Coreopsis 'Incredible ' Tall Florist type Mix

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