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Peony 'ALERTIE' 



Alertie is a fragrant peony that blooms early in peony season. Its flowers have a light pink color which gives this peony an energetic and frivolous look. Springtime in a vase!


Explosive bloomer


Alertie is a double-flowered peony with flowers that open up in the shape of a ball. It only takes a very short time for those boring buds to transform into beautiful flowers.




Alertie is a sibling of peony varieties Pecher and Noemi Demay. All three varieties have a lot in common, but differ in terms of the number of stems per plant and the length of those stems. Alertie has the longest stems of all three peonies. In contrast to its siblings however, very little is known about the history of Alertie. Very productive.


How to grow:


Don't plant too deep or your peony will not bloom once established. In most of the country, the peony's eyes (buds) should be no deeper than 1-½ to 2 inches below the soil line.


All peony roots will come with printed instruction how to grow.






Plant life cycle: Perrenial

Site : Full sun

Height: 32"

Flowering Period : Early

Bloom shape: Ball, double

Plant spacing: 12-24" 


Bare Roots per order: 1


Wholesale : 30 bare roots/1 crate 





Peony 'ALERTIE' Bare Root Size 3/5 Eyes

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