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Italian Tomato PONDEROSA NonGmo Organic


Sweet succulent fruits have more than three times the beta carotene of other Tomato’s types.
Sweet clusters of Golden Yellow round 2″ beauties offer a nutritional delicate low acid flavour. Hearty plants are 18″ tall and ready for harvest in just 65 days. Medium Indeterminate variety.


Medium-sized round tomato with very dark yellow skin and flesh. Once collected, they can be stored hanging even in winter.



Plant life cycle: Annual

Site: full sun

Days to maturity : 65 days

Fruit : 50-100 gr ea

Sowing:1/8" deep

Plant spacing: 20" apart

Approx seeds per pkt :25


How to grow:


Sow seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before last Spring frost date, use a peat moss based growing mix for growing seedlings. The temperature of the seeding mix should be 21-24 C (70 – 75 F) for prompt germination.

When the seedlings are 4 cm (1.75″)high, transplant each into individual peat pots, reducing temperature to 15–18 C (59 – 65 F) until planting in the Garden late May.

After hardening off, transplant into well drained Organic soil 60 cm (24″) apart for (Determinate) varieties and 90 cm (36″) apart for (Indeterminate) varieties.


Tomato’s need warm direct Sunlight and steady supply of water. Apply water directly into soil rather than showering down over the plants. Rotate the crop position in the Garden every year. Dig out and discard any diseased plants, do not compost.


It is also very important to keep plants evenly watered, as fluctuations in soil moisture can lead to a host of problems such as fruit cracking, splitting, and the chance of blossom end rot developing. Apply a mulch of straw around each Tomato plant to protect them from soil borne diseases and to help conserve soil moisture.


Enjoy your sweet Summer harvest!




Italian Tomato PONDEROSA NonGmo Organic

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