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Vroma Bean Seed

Vicia faba




The superior fava bean.

A super early fava with an incredibly concentrated, heavy set! You will get about two big harvests which will get you to the market early.


Vroma produces large, 6 1/2–7" pods with 4–5 large 1" beans. Each big pod contains 4 - 6 tasty 1” beans. Sturdy upright plants are 3’ tall and healthy. Pods are born in the mid to lower part of the plant.


Cook like a shell bean when the seeds are pale green. Strong, heat tolerant plants resist lodging. Light brown seeds. Bush beanIn our trials we noted a distinct lack of aphids on the Vroma compared to other varieties.


Fava flowers taste like a lighter version of fava beans, with a mildly sweet flavor. (Think: fresh spring peas.) They're soft and velvety (with no bitter undertones), making them a delight to toss into salads or use as decorative, edible accents on desserts.




Plant life cycle: annual

Site: full sun

Days to maturity:75


Sowing: 1 -1 1/2 " deep

Plant spacing:4-6 " apart

Rows apart : 18- 36"

Approx seeds per pkt : 50




Unlike most beans, fava beans prefer cool weather and are best planted in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow 1" deep, 4–6" apart, in rows 18–36" apart or use wide-bed style planting, giving each plant 1 sq.ft. of space. Where winter lows stay above 10°F (-12°C) sow in August through September. Inoculants can increase yields.



Pick individual pods when the green shell beans inside are plump. For dry beans, wait until pods are dry before harvest.


Fava Beans VROMA Organic NonGmo

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