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Clary Sage  White Swan
Salvia horminum



New! Versatile garden flower.

Easy-to-grow plants for casual cut flowers, pollinator plantings, and displays of color in the garden. Productive, densely branched plants produce abundant stems and multiple cuts of this versatile crop. Suitable for fresh or dried flowers. Colored bracts of vibrant rose-pink decorate the tops of 30–40" branches. Tolerant of frost. Also commonly known as salvia Ht. 30–40"


An enduring favorite of the summer cottage garden is readily grown from Salvia seeds. Features large blooms of pure white and delicately veined. This lovely hardy annual is also widely known as salvia. This variety of Clary sage has a compact growth and the blooms are well-suited for cutting, and they make excellent dried flowers with everlasting color. Easy to grow,and loved by pollinators.


Plant type: hardy annual

USDA Zones:3-10

Site: Full sun
Height: 30-40”

Days to Germinate:10-30 days
Days to maturity: 75-85 days

Sow: Surface, press in
Plant spacing: 12-18” 
Approx seeds per packet: 50


How to Grow:

 For earlier blooms, sow Salvia seeds indoors 10 weeks before last frost. Sow Salvia flower seeds in starter trays and press the seed into the soil. Salvia flower seed needs light to germinate. When the frost season has passed, transplant the Salvia seedlings into the garden 12 - 18 inches apart in a sunny location. Or, directly sow Salvia White Swan seeds outdoors in spring after frost danger has passed and prepare soil by weeding it and loosening it. Lightly rake White Salvia seeds into the soil and keep the seeds and young seedlings moist until well-established. Provide plenty of water in dry weather. Salvia plants grow best when provided moist, but well-drained soil in a partial shade setting.


Harvest :
Harvest when tips of stems are fully colored.

To dry: Hang them upside down in a dark, dry, well-ventilated area


Vase life:

Up to 7 days.

Clary Sage  White Swan

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