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Celosia Supercrest Mix
Celosia argentea var. cristata


Unique assortment of shiny, fan shaped blooms with colors ranging from apricot, orange, cream and lemon to bright pink and purple.

Each bloom is a distinctive work of art, with an individual texture, color and shape all its own. Flowers have an incredible vase life, lasting up to two weeks in water. Blooms are easily dried for ornamental arrangements and should be harvested before they begin to drop seeds. Plants thrive in hot, dry conditions and will produce a plethora of blooms, all season long.


Plantkife cycle: annual

Site: Full sun
Height: 36-48”
Days to maturity: 90-110 days

Sow: Surface,1/8" deep press into the soil, lightly cover
Plant spacing: 12-18”
Pinch: when 6-8” tall
Approx seeds per packet: 50


How to Grow:

Sowing:Transplant (recommended) - Sow into 72-cell flats or preferred seedling container, 6-8 weeks before last frost. Light is required for germination; cover very lightly to hold seeds in place. Grow seedlings at 63-68°F (17-20°C). Harden off and transplant out after last frost.Direct seed - Only in locations with a long growing season. Sow 1/8" deep, after last frost. Pinching is recommended to encourage branching. Low temperatures and less than 12 hours of light can cause premature flowering.


How  to harvest: 

Celosia is exceptional as a cut flower and can be used both fresh and dried.

Fresh - Harvest when the flowers are fully developed, and stems are firm at the base of the bloom.

Dried - Harvest at the same stage of growth as you would for fresh flowers. Remove all the foliage and hang in a dark, well-ventilated location to dry.


Vase Life: 

7-14 days. Ideal storage temperature 36-41°F




Celosia Supercrest Mix

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