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Breadseed Poppy 'Giganteum '
Papaver somniferum

The very largest poppy flowers appear in early summer followed by the very largest seed heads. The seed head of Giganthemum poppy can grow to the size of a tennis ball and they are chock full of edible poppy seeds for baking. This is an easy plant to grow, but you'll want to give it some room in full sun, in soil that is well drained and not too fertile. Direct sow the tiny seeds on the surface of the soil, and keep the area moist until germination. They need light to germinate. The massive flower stems grow 36-48" tall, topped by flowers around 4" across. Bees love the dark blue pollen.

Plant type: annual
Height: 36-48”
Site: full sun
Days to maturity: 80-90 days
Plant spacing: 12”
Approx seeds per packet: 100

How to Grow:

Sow on the surface of the soil, or barely cover seeds. Thin to a minimum of 6" apart.

Poppies are easy to grow and the self-sow with abandon, without becoming weedy. Simply pull up unwanted plants (an easy task) before they bloom, or better yet, let them tell you where they want to grow. They will thrive for years at a time in surprising spots, like a crack in the driveway. Other times, they simply won’t take, no matter how much you try. Keep them moderately well watered in hot, dry weather, and do not fertilize.For the largest heads on Papaver somniferum, sow seeds in the fall or early winter. Thin plants to allow them some space, and keep the area weeded as plants grow larger. Grow this variety in full sun in well-drained, but ordinary garden soil. If spring and summer are cool and damp, or plants are over-crowded, expect smaller seed heads.



Pick in the cool of the early morning or evening when the buds are just starting to break open. Poppies last just a couple of days in a vase but they are productive plants so harvest frequently to keep the blooms coming. Sear stem ends in boiling water for 20 seconds to prolong vase life and place immediately in fresh clean water.

To dry, simply hang upside down in a warm, dry place out of bright light for 2 weeks.


Vase Life:With a proper care 3-4 days

Breadseed Poppy 'Giganteum '

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