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Bachelor button Tall 'Double Ball' Black

Centaurea cyanus


Easy-to-grow from seeds, this tall annual makes a great addition to the summer border. The color is a deep, rich claret which is as close to black as possible. Centaurea Cyanus Black Ball certainly adds drama!

Cornflowers are especially nice in traditional cottage gardens, and they make an excellent cut flower. Also known as Bachelor's Button Black Ball,


How to Grow:


Elegant addition to salads and desserts.' is easy to grow and creates a long flowering display in borders, or when used as a cut flower.


Culinary note: Add petals to salads as a colourful garnish or sprinkle over omelettes or even pasta.


Life Cycle: Annual

Site:Full sun
Height: 36-40”
Days to maturity: 65-80 days

Seed depth: 1/4 "
Plant spacing: 12”
Approx seeds per packet: 100

How to Grow:
Frost tolerant Young eedlings can tolerate freezing temperatures, so seeds can be planted in early spring, or in the fall where winters are mild. Fast growth is encouraged by mixing a balanced organic fertilizer into the soil before planting.I usually sow Cornflower seeds in fall and spring. That gives me a longer flowering period with a succession of blooms



Cornflowers make good cut flowers. Pull up the plants in mid to late summer, when they no longer look attractive.
Harvest individual flowers when buds are about half way open, or harvest large branching stems when most of the buds in the spray are colored.


Vase life:

Up to 7 days, just change water regularly.Drop of bleech is always helpful

Bachelor button Tall 'Double Ball' Black

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