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Zinnia Cresto Cream

Zinnia Eegans


Trendy Florist Type Novelty Zinnia 'Cesto  Cream'.  Represents high percentage of crested flowers, like scabiosa blooms.


Excellent choise for wedding work and bridal bouquets because of this soft buttercream color, long vase life, and scabiosa type cream color blooms on sturdy long stems.

Wedding Flower


Plant life cycle: annual
Height: 25-30”
Site: full sun

Days to germinate: 0-7 days
Days to maturity: 75-90 days

Sow: 1/4 " deep
Plant spacing: 9-12”
Pinch: when 12” tall
Approx seeds per packet: 50


How to grow:
Sow into 72-cell flats or preferred seedling container 4 weeks before last frost. Cover seeds. A heat mat will help maintain an accurate temperature. Lower temperatures will result in slower germination: 5-7 days at 70-75°F (21-24°C). Harden-off and transplant out after last frost. Do not allow plants to become root bound and avoid disturbing roots; transplant shock or other stress events may cause double-flowering varieties to produce single blooms for a period following stress.

Direct seed - After last frost, sow 1/4" deep. Succession-sow/plant every two weeks for prolonged yields of high-quality stems. Pinching of initial bud or bloom and subsequent deadheading is recommended to encourage strong branching and bloom production.


Before completely open. Stem is firm from point of cut to just below the bloom.


Vase Life:
Will last for 7-10 days. Flower preservative is recommended  



Zinnia 'Cresto Cream'

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