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Purple Ninja Radish

Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus


Purple daikon radish has a typical root shape that is globular and tapers to a point. This variety of daikon can be recognized by its bi-coloring that is a violet purple on its exterior and a bright white to pale violet on its interior.


The inner flesh is very crisp and offers a mild to medium heat and classic daikon radish flavor.

When grown in a cool climate Purple daikon will be mild, when grown in warm to hot climates the radishes will develop a more intense heat. 
Daikon radish is a cool weather root vegetable grown primarily for its tuber though the entire plant is edible.

Roots average 4–6" x 2 1/2–3" with good, sweet eating quality. Suitable for spring and summer sowings.



Plant Life Cycle: Annual

Site : Full Sun

Days to maturity : 4odays

Sowing Depth : 1/4"

Plant spacing: 4" appart

Row Spacing:  18" apart

Approx seeds per packet : 50




Daikon and Korean radishes require friable, well-drained soils with a pH range of 5.8–6.8. Work soil deeply, in raised beds if possible, for straight roots and ease of harvest. Sow 10 seeds/ft., thinning to 4–6" apart, rows 18" apart. Note planting seasons in variety descriptions to reduce bolting. 

HARVEST AND STORAGE:Daikon and Korean radishes are brittle; fork or undermine and lift roots carefully. Cut tops 2" above crowns, wash, and refrigerate. Can be sto



Purple NINJA Daikon Radish

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