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Champion is a large Cherry Belle type radish. The bright-red roots of this vegetable average 1.5" in diameter with firm mild flesh. It grows large without getting pithy and holds well in storage. This variety is resistant to cold temperatures and is excellent for early or late plantings.

This is an easy growing, extra hardy plant. This seed is highly recommended for the beginning gardener. Non-GMO. Organic. Heirloom.



Plant life cycle: annual

Site: sun

Days to maturity: 30days

Sow:1/2" deep

Plant spacing :1-2" apart

Approx seeds per packet: 1/16 oz 


How to Grow:

Plant this annual in full sun or partial shade. Seed in the cooler seasons. Plant early spring and again at the end of summer if a second harvest is desired. Direct sow. Burry seeds 1/2” deep and space 1-2” apart.




Radish ' Champion ' Organic Heirloom NonGmo

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