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Vernonia gigantea


Vernonia, or ironweed, is a beautiful and easy-to-grow sun perennial. They provide gorgeous summer colors, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies wherever they are planted. An incredibly tough plant, this species is heat and humidity tolerant. It can grow in dry or lean soils, producing striking clusters of purple flowers in the late summer seasons.

Like other members of the daisy family, ironweed flowers actually consist of multiple small florets. Vernonia produce small fruits with ‘pappus’ hairs that help them blow in the wind to distribute seeds. 

 Featuring airy purple flowers, these plants look best in drifts and along the back of the garden with mixed flowering perennials.

Vernonia features tooth-shaped leaves and small bunches of purple flowers. These characteristics make them ideal cut flowers.



Plant life cycle: Perennial

Site: Sun/Part shade

Height: 4-5 feet

Sow : Surface, press into growing media

Plant spacing: 16"

Approx seeds per packet:50



How to grow:

 Sow seeds on surface, gentluy press into growing media, lightly cover with sand or vermiculate. Mix a generous amount of peat moss into the planting area, mixing thoroughly to keep the ground moist. Water thoroughly and deeply to settle the soil into place.

Best is to sow seeds in fall

Ensure you provide a layer of mulch in spring to deter weeds and to retain moisture. Water regularly while the plant is still growing and through periods of dry weather. Deadhead regularly to prolong their flowering period.


How to harvest:

Harvest when  when flowers are half way open 



Vase life:

Long sase life , 7-10 days




Vernonia ( Ironwood )

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