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Stock Pastel Mix

Matthiola incana


Exclusive! Premium, reliable florist quality.


Our soft pastel blend is reminiscent of pastel-colored candies and marshmallows. Early single-stem, or column-type, stock in a highly uniform series for one-cut harvest. Aptly named for strong, straight, rigid stems.  Selectable for doubles and 55% double without selection. Tightly spaced florets on the flower spike make for compact 1 1/2–2" blooms.


NOTE: This variety produces one flowering stem per plant. Pinching is not advisable as it will terminate flowering.

• Edible Flowers: The peppery, clove-like flavor of the flowers lends itself well to use as a garnish on salads, desserts, and drinks.





Life Cycle: Hardy annual

Site : Full Sun

Height: 32"

Days to Germinate : 7-14

Days to Maturity: 90-100

Seed Depth: 1/4"

Plant Spacing: 6-9

Approx seeds per packet :50


How to Grow:


Sow ¼" deep into 128-cell plug flats 5-6 weeks before last frost. After danger of frost has passed, harden off plants and transplant to the field or protected structure. Direct seed - After last frost. Do not pinch plants. Succession-plant every two weeks for multiple harvests. Stock is a cool-weather crop. Spring and fall-blooming successions are optimal.( Transplant (recommended)



Fresh - Harvest when ⅓–½ the florets on the stem are open.


Vase Life:

With a proper care and handling up to 5-8 days

Stock - Mathhiola Incana- Pastel Mix

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