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Lychnis chalcedonica 'Alba'


Lychnis chalcedonica 'Alba' is the white-flowered form of Lychnis chalcedonica. The large clusters of white flowers on tall sturdy stems


This pure wite variety is one of the most impressive and eye-catching of all the wonderful “Catchfly” family. And this white form is pure elegance and class.Small soccer balls of white crossesSo this gorgeous variety produces clusters of white flowers in snowballs of bloom.Flowering on long stems, from late spring through to late summer.They really do look like small soccer balls. Made up of lots of little Maltese Crosses.Bees and butterflies simply adore them for their abundant nectar and long blooming season.While florists also love to harvest such long, strong stems of showy heads.


Excellent cut flower for any flower arranger, perfect weding flower.

Also known as Lychnis chalcedonica 'Rauhreif'. Hardy perennial in zones 4-10.



Plant life cycle: Perennial

Site: Full sun/partial shade


Seed depth : surface, press into the soil

Plant spacing:12-28"
Approx seeds per packet: 50


How to grow:


Sow indoors.

Sow 6–8 weeks before last frost and cover with humidity dome to retain moisture until germination occurs. Keep at 65-70°F.Surface sow onto moist well-drained seed compost. Press seeds lightly into soil but do not cover. Light is needed for germination. Ideal temp. 65-70 F.

Germination takes 10-20 days. Transplant seedlings when they have 2 sets of true leaves to 4" pots. Acclimatise and plant out once danger of frost has passed. Can be sown directly in spring or summer, this to12-18" spacing.


Starting Outdoors: Direct sow mid-spring to early summer. May bloom the first year if sown indoors.


Autumn sowings should overwinter indoors planting out the following spring.Very easy to grow. Prefers moist fertile soil in full sun. Dislikes winter wet. May require staking.


Cultivation Instructions: Cut back after flowering to encourage further blooms and to prevent self-seeding. Established clumps can be divided in spring.


How to harvest:  Cut fresh flowers when 3/4-fully opened florets


Vase life: up tp 7 days


Maltese cross Lychnis chalcedonica 'Alba'

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