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Asclepias 'Oscar'

 Asclepias Physocarpa


Unusual and abundant cut flower.

Sturdy, gracefully arched branches with neat, bamboo-like foliage. White flowers with lavender-colored centers develop into large, papery seed pods. Plants are grown primarily for their 2–3" decorative seed pods, but the big, sturdy plants also make a vigorous and attractive addition to flower beds and borders.

Excellent for large arrangements, dried arrangements, or alone as a centerpiece. Seed pods maintain lime-green color and balloon-like form when dried. Perennial in Zones 9–11. Also known as hairy balls, swan plant, swan milkweed, and balloon plant.


This fun plant should be grown by everyone at least once. Excellent host plant for monarch butterflies. They absolutely love it. Pretty white flowers with deep red centers bloom in summer and are followed by inflated seed pods that are good for cut and dry flower arranging.


Absolutely all florist's favorite 



Plant life cyle: annual

Site : Full sun/part sun

Days to germinate: 10-21 days

Height: 37-72"
Sow: 1/4 " deep

Plant spaing: 12-24"

Approx seeds per paket: 30


How to grow:

14-21 days to germination at 65-70°F (18-21°C). Stratification for Pleurisy Root only: Moisten,cover with plastic, and refrigerate at 40-50°F (4-10°C) for 7-14 days. After stratification, seeds should be brought into warmer temperatures to germinate.

SOWING:Transplant (recommended) - Sow 7-9 weeks before last frost. Sow 1/4" deep into a seed starting mix. Begins taproot growth upon germination. Do not allow to become pot bound at any time as plants will deteriorate rapidly. Transplant into larger cell packs or 3-4" pots 3-5 weeks after sowing. Harden off and transplant outdoors after the last frost.

Direct seed - Can be direct sown in the fall or spring.



How to harvest: 

When 1/2 to 2/3 of flowers are open. If stems wilt after harvest, rehydrate in water for 24 hours. CAUTION: Milky sap may cause eye and skin irritation, wear gloves when  haresting.


Vase life:

With a proper are and handling will last for 7 days


Asclepias 'Oscar' Asclepias Physocarpa

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