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Ornamental Eggplant Pumpkin on -A- Stick

Solanum integrifolium


If you are looking for a unique fall decoration, pumpkin on a stick plants are an absolute eye-catcher that you can easily grow from seed in your garden or a container. The most intriguing fact about these miniature pumpkin-look-alikes is that they are ornamental eggplants.



(Solanum integrifolium) This is a mainy ornamental eggplant that produces orange fruits resembling a small pumpkin. It has clusters of small blue-white flowers grow that are attractive to butterflies and bees.



Plant life cycle : Annual

Site: Full sun

Height: 3-4 feet tall

Days to maturity: 75 days

Sow: 1/4" deep

Plant spacing: 24-36"

Approx seeds er packet : 30


How to grow:

Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves Spacing: Space 2-3 feet apart in full sun and a slightly acidic to neutral, rich, well-drained soil

Pumpkin on a stick is planted in the spring, grown over the summer like other eggplants, and ready to eat in the fall. They grow moderately fast, usually ready for harvesting about 75 days after sowing from seeds.

When planting pumpkin on a stick in your garden, give it ample space, keeping in mind that it will be like a small bush when it’s mature. Three feet apart is ideal; 30 inches is the minimum planting distance.


How to harvest:

After the glossy fruit has ripened to its bright reddish orange color, cut the stems just above the ground. Remove the leaves and thorns and add to fall decorations. The fruits can be dried separately and added to bowls of dried flowers.


Vase life: 

With a proper care and handling will last 10-14 days

Ornamental eggplant 'Pumpkin on -A- Stick'

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