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Nigella Papilosa 


Nigella papillosa 'Midnight Blue ' is a most attractive variety. Deep rich purple stamens that highlight delicate blue blooms are followed by intriguing seed pods. Also known as Nigella hispanica, the flowers grow to around 90cm (36in) in height. It is rather special as a cut flower, and lovely in summer borders too.

Nigella is very easy to grow. A hardy annual, it can be sow early in spring or sown in Fall. Sowing to flowering takes just three months. Nigella ‘Midnight’ is  Speialty cut flower, particularly lovely flower, bearing unusual velvety, dark purple blooms in contrast with lush green feathery foliage, followed by ornamental, dark purple, seed pods. Like most nigellas, it is easy to grow and makes a fabulous cut flower.

Nigella 'Midnight Blue '

    • Plant Lifecycle: Hardy Annual
    • Site: Full Sun
    • Height: 18-28”
    • Days to Germinate : 21 Days
    • Days to maturity: 65-85 days
    • Sow Depth : Surface , press into the soil 1/8"
    • Plant spacing: 9-12”
    • Approx seeds per packet: 50
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