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Money Plant (Honest )

Lunaria annua,


Lunaria is an old-fashioned dual-purpose plant, grown partly for its fragrant purple or white flowers in spring and early summer, but also for its unique oval and translucent seedheads, popular with dried-flower arrangers. It’s properly grown as a biennial, and makes large, well-branched plants in its second year, after which it will seed itself freely around the garden.

Lunaria annua is known for attracting bees, beneficial insects, butterflies​/​moths and other pollinators. It has nectar/pollen rich flowers .



Plant life cycle: biennial

Site: Sun/part shade

Height: 36"

Sow:1/4 deep

Plant spacing :4-6 "

Approx seeds per packet: 30


How to grow:
Lunaria seeds can be directly sown for the first planting anytime after the last frost in the spring or summer. You may also want to stagger honesty’s appearance in the garden by planting a few seeds in the fall as well, as the plant is a biennial and will not likely produce any flowers or seed pods until the second year of growth.Plant honesty flowers in a sunny to partially shaded location. Keep in mind that honesty is an aggressive self-seeder, so you may want to isolate it in an area that is easy to tend to or contain or it could spread into areas of the garden where you never wanted it to go.

Trim seedlings back to every 15 to 18 inches to provide adequate air circulation and room for root growth between plants. Amending your beds with organic matter before planting will help provide plenty of nutrients for healthy and stable growth. Provide plants with a deep watering right after planting, and keep beds consistently moist, especially through germination, until plants have become established. 



How to harvest:

For fesh cut flowers when fully blooming,

For dry :Keep the seed pods on the plant until they are dry, or cut the stems anytime after the pods fade to brown and tie them together, hanging them upside down to finish drying.


Vase life:

Long vase life, up to 7-10 days


Money plant( Lunaria Annua) Purple

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