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French Heirloom Pumpkin  'MUSQUEE  DE PROVENCE ' Organic

Cucurbita moschata


Popular in Southern France for its sweet flesh, this large, flattened, heavily fluted pumpkin has skin that ages to a vintage orange-brown on deeply-lobed sections. Often described as having the appearance of a large wheel of cheese, this pumpkin is not only grown for flavour, but also its stunning ornamental value, which captures the nuance of heirlooms.


In France cut wedges are sold in supermarkets and farmers' markets for cooking. Decorative. Late maturity. Long storage. Sometimes called Fairytale in the US Harvest in 17 weeks; yields 15-40 lbs(23kg )per plant.



Plant life cycle: annual

Site: Full sun

Days to maturity: 95 to 125 days

Seed depth: 1"

Plant spacing:36-48"

Row spacing: 48-72"

Approx seeds per packet : 15



Fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 5.8–6.8 is best. 
Plastic mulch and fabric row covers (AG-19 grade) can aide plant establishment and exclude insect pests during the seedling stage. Row covers should be removed when plants begin to flower. Poor fruit development may indicate insufficient pollination. Time plantings so that varieties will mature for the fall market. Overexposure to sun in the field after maturity and foliage dieback reduces fruit and handle color quality.


Sow 2-3 seeds per 2" container or plug flat about 3 weeks prior to transplanting. Germinate at 75-95°F (24-35°C). Thin with scissors to 1 plant/container or cell with scissors. Harden plants 4–7 days prior to transplanting. After danger of frost has passed, transplant out according to the spacing recommendations for each variety. Handle seedlings carefully; minimal root disturbance is best.

Sow in late spring when soil is at least 70°F (21°C) and frost danger has passed. Sow 2 seeds at the appropriate spacing interval for the variety's vine length, 1/2-1" deep. Thin to 1 plant per spacing interval after seedlings are established.

PLANT SPACING:For between-row spacing, bush plants require 4-5', short-vine habits require 6', and long-vine habits generally require 12'. In-row spacing varies depending on fruit size and is generally: small, 18-24"; medium, 24-36" and large to extra-large, 36-72". Spacing requirements may vary, so check for individual variety recommendations.



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