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Oriental Lily ' CATEMACO



10 bulbs / Bag

Premium Size: 16/18

Bulb spacing: 8-12" apart

Planting dept: 4-5" deep

USDA Zones 6-10, lows to -10 F. Winter mulch recommended in colder climates



The Lily Catemaco is a medium pink, strongly fragrant, Oriental hybrid lily that can grow to be 3–4 ft tall and flower in mid to late July. The flowers face upwards and have slightly ruffled edges with spear-shaped tips that resemble tulips when they first open.


 The Lily Catemaco can take 100–115 days to flower after planting and prefers full sun, but can tolerate some shade in the early morning or late evening. In colder climates, it's recommended to use winter mulch



How to grow:


The cultivation of Lilies is quite easy. As long as some basic requirements are maintained such as a greenhouse set-up, water, soil and light conditions, temperatures and shade, a perfect lily can be grown.


Soil requirements:

  • -  Use well drained, pH 6.5 to 7, Fluoride-free, sterilized, planting medium (Coconut- fiber, Canadian-peat or soil-mix) with enough air/oxygen.

  • -  EC of 0.5 or lower.

  • -  Keep planting medium moist, but not wet. Avoid top layer to be drying out.

  • -  Fertilizer: 14-14-14 slow release (plus additional iron if needed). Miracle Grow or

    Osmocote are good solutions. 

  • -  Planting dept should be at least 4 to 5 inches deep and/or 3 inches of soil on top of

    the bulb for the future stem roots.

  • -  Preventative fungicide drench with Alliete is recommended.

Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulbs 'CATEMACO'

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