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Organic Japanese Pak Choi 'Petite Star '

Brassica rapa var. chinensis


This popular baby shanghai pak choi (Shanghai Miao) grows fast and matures early. Harvest when 4-5" tall, this dwarf-type hybrid is compact and has good weight. When cooked, its tender green leaves and crispy green petioles have excellent flavor. It can tolerate warm and cool temperatures. Excellent variety for fresh market and home gardens. Excellent for miao (baby dwarf) use in saute, braise or stir-fries.



Plant life cycle:annual

Site: full sun

Days to maturity: 45 days

Seed depth: 1/4"

Plant spacing:12-18"

Approx seeds per packet: 1/16 oz

How to grow:


Sow from early spring through midsummer. In the South, pac choi is well adapted for fall plantings. Suitable for fall sowing in mild climates or in a high tunnel or other protected structure in colder climates. Premature bolting of seedlings may occur if temperatures drop below 50°F (10°C), especially over multiple nights. Cold temperatures generally do not cause bolting of plants past the seedling stage.
Direct seeding:

Sow 15 seeds/ft., 1/4" deep in rows 12-18" apart.
Transplanting: Start seeds in 128 or 72-cell trays, 2–4 weeks before transplanting. Plant out before plants become rootbound or stressed to prevent premature bolting.



Harvest before flowering,when 4-5" tall

Pak Choi 'Petite Star ' NonGmo

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