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Caulifower  Snowball Y Imoroved

Brassica olacera var. botrytis


Non-GMO and heirloom Snowball  Cauliflower are ready in 70 days.

Snowball Y Improved is a self-blanching cauliflower strain that needs no tying! The smooth white heads with smooth curds reach 7" in diameter. They can be used for fall and winter harvest, and for both fresh market and freezing.

Cauliflower Benefits:


Cauliflower is an anti-inflammatory food that has many health benefits. Igloo Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin C which is essential for immune function. Cauliflower has been proven to reduce blood vessel damage and is rich in Omega-3 fats which is important for brain development.


Plantlife cycle: annual

Site: full sun

Days to maturity : 75 days

Hardiness zone: 2-8


Plant spacing : 24"-

Row spacing : 24-36"

Approx seeds per packet: 50 seeds


Before Planting: Cauliflower prefers a well-drained and very fertilize soil. Aim for a pH of 7.0 with consistent moisture throughout the growing season. Irrigate regularly for best results. Cauliflower grows best in spring and fall crops.


Planting: Use early and midseason varieties for Spring growing. Sow 2 seeds ½” depth in each cell. Germinate at 70°F and then grow at 60°F thereafter. Wait for true leaves and leave best looking seedling per cell. Seedlings should be ready to transplant in 4–5 weeks.


Do not wait too long to plant seedlings outdoors. 5 weeks is the oldest the transplants should be to avoid stressing the plant. Harden plants carefully by gradually increasing cold before transplanting out, 18″ between plants and 24–36″ between rows. 



Watering: Cauliflower requires consistent soil moisture. Water 1 to 1.5 inches each week.

Cauliflower ' SNOWBALL Y IMPROVED' organic Heirloom

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