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Alpine Strawberry Yellow Wonder

Fragaria vesca.


Alpine strawberry seeds are a bit easier to start than some others. Start the seeds indoors as early as December, and transplant outdoors one week after your last average frost date. That's around the first or second week in April.

With this kind of head start, the plants will produce fruit in the first year. Yellow Wonder has the lovely oblong shape of alpine types, but with yellow skin and flesh and incredible sweetness. The plants are low growing, but very productive, even in containers. The seeds can also be sown later in the year, but plan on harvesting berries from the second year of growth forward.
Matures in 150 days

• Edible Flowers: Flowers add a mild, strawberry-like flavor if sprinkled on salads or when used as a garnish for drinks and desserts. 


Details :


Plant life cycle: Perennial

Site : Full Sun

Days to maturity: 150

Sowing: surface, press in

Plant spacing: 12-18 "" apart

Row spacing : 3-4' feet apart

Seeds per packet :50


How to grow :



Strawberries prefer a sunny to partially shaded location and moist, well-drained soil, richly fertilized with compost or aged manure, and a pH between 6.5-6.8. Prepare beds the previous fall or in early spring to get good control over perennial weeds.


Sow seeds thinly in March or April in a fine soilless mix. Press seeds into moist mix and keep moist until plants emerge in 2-3 weeks. Keep soil temperature between 60°F (16°C) and 75°F (24°C), if possible. Transplant to plug trays or 1-1 1/2" apart in flats, then to larger pots or planters for retailing full-size plants: 1 plant/3-4" pot; 3-5 plants/8" pot.


Transplant outdoors anytime, 1' apart. 
Planting(Plants):Space plants 12-18" apart in rows 3-4' apart. Some growers prefer to plant the crowns with closer spacing (5-9" in-row spacing for single rows or staggered double rows with 10-20" in-row spacing) and to remove all runners during the entire life span of the bed. Set plants with the roots straight down into the soil, making sure the middle of the crown is level with the top of the soil. Irrigate and keep free of weeds.

Mulch with straw in late fall when plants have started to go dormant to moderate freeze/thaw cycles and heaving. Pull mulch aside in spring when plants start to grow. Leave the mulch in the aisles to keep the fruit clean and help suppress weeds. 


Harvest:Plants will set fruit from midsummer through October. Production and berry size may decline during the hottest part of summer. Day-neutral beds will last for one to two growing seasons once established. 


Notes:Encourage the plant to put its energy into becoming established by removing all the flower buds for the first 6 weeks after setting out your plants. We also recommend that you remove all the runners during the first year.

Alpine Strawberry YELLOW WONDER

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