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Lathyrus odoratus

A stunning new highly scented variety bred by Andrew Beane & Roger Parsons producing large coral blossoms on long, strong stems perfect for cutting.. Very popular with cut flower growers.
A must-grow! 

How to Grow:

Sow ½” deep in a 5” deep pot.
Use a good compost based seed starting mix. 
Keep at 50-55 degrees for germination.
Move to 35-50 degrees in full sun for bulking up (they dont mind low winter temperatures)
Transplant in early spring into rich soil in full sun. 

In mild areas seeds can be sown in pots in the fall, wintered over in a sheltered spot and planted out in spring. Everywhere else, sow seeds 10-12 weeks before the last frost and plant out right around the last frost.

When grown slow and cold, sweet peas will naturally branch on their own. If you see that your plant has not branched but is getting tall, you may take out the top set of leaves, provided you leave 2 or 3 sets on the plant. This will encourage robust side shoots. We never pinch as our plants almost always branch on their own. 

Cut stems that have at least two unopened flowers at the tip

Vase life: 

Harvesting flowers increases blooms. Vase Life: 4-6 days.



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