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Snapdragon ' Potomac lavender '

Antirrhinum majus


Potomac is known for its full, tall spires of colorfast blooms with excellent vase life. 36" to 40" inch, sturdy stems delight designers. Potomac lavender is a romantic, soft hue with color saturated blossom throat. Definitely a growers' and designers' choice, this snap is exceptional in every way!



Plant life cycle: annual
Height: 36-48”
Site: full sun 
Days to maturity: 100-110 days

Sow : surface, press into the soil, do ot cover
Plant spacing: 9-12”
Pinch: when 4-5” tall
Approx seeds per packet: 50


How to Grow:

Indoor Sow (recommended):


8-10 weeks before last frost in trays or pots with a good seed-starting mixture. Seeds need light to germinate so cover just lightly to keep the seeds in place. Bottom water or mist lightly to avoid covering the seed with displaced soil. Transplant to larger pots when first true leaves appear, approximately 3-4 weeks after sowing. Harden-off and transplant out after danger of frost has passed.

To achieve a bushier plant that produces more flower-producing side branches, pinch back starters by half their height when plants have formed 4-6 leaves (approximately 3-4" tall). This will delay the bloom by a few weeks. If pinching, space plants 6-12" apart.

Outdoor Sow: Direct seeding is not recommended.

Snapdragons will tolerate light frost

Harvest: The more you cut the more you get with these snapdragons. When blooms have opened on the bottom 1/2 to 1/3 of the stems. Stems: When grown as a one-cut per plant, stems can be as long as the full height of the plants. When grown for multiple cuts per plant, stems vary in length: 12-36"


Vase Life:

7- 10 days

Snapdragon ' Potomac lavender '

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