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70-100 days. Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion Seeds. Allium fistulosum. Non-GMO. Heirloom. Although related to the traditional garden onion bulb, Tokyo Long bunching onions grow much faster, easier, and even taste a whole lot better. Also known as Welsh onion, spring onion, and scallions, the Tokyo Long bunching onion is harvested for savory and bright greens rather than the bulb and, like leafy greens, can also be kept as a cut and come again variety



Plant life cycle: annual

Site: full sun

Days to maturity:70-100 days

Seed depth: 1/4"

Plant spacing:2-6"

Row spacing: 12"

Approx seeds per packet: 50


Sowing: Since onions take a few months to mature from seed, gardeners with a short growing season may want to start their Tokyo Long White bunching onion seed indoors. Plant the organic onion seeds 1/4" deep in a flat 2-3 months before the last frost date; keep the soil moist and at room temperature. When the tops begin to flop over, cut them off to 3" to focus the growing on the roots. Four weeks before the last frost or when the soil reaches at least 50 degrees F, transplant the seedlings in rows 12" apart.

For direct sowing, sow three seeds per inch 1/4" deep in light, rich soil and full sun. Thin the seedlings 2-6" apart, depending on the desired size. Thinned onions can be transplanted or used for fresh eating. For companion planting benefits, plant organic onion seeds with members of the cabbage family, lettuce, or tomatoes; avoid planting onions with peas or beans. In areas with warmer winters, onions may be grown as a fall or winter crop.


Growing: Onions need moisture especially in their first several weeks of growth, and they cannot fight against weeds; mulching onions can help with both moisture and weed control.


Harvesting: Tokyo Long White bunching onions can be harvested any time after 70 days; the longer they remain in the ground, the stronger the taste will be. This variety of onion can be used for both green onions and scallions, but does not store well long term.


Organic Tokyo Long White bunching onion

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