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Flowering tobacco 'Lime Green'

Nicotiana Alata Lime Green


Heavily fragrant with fresh lime green flowers, Nicotiana 'Lime Green' is a delightful variety of Flowering Tobacco that is easy to mix with any color in the garden. Resembling small trumpets, 5 in. long (12 cm), the lime chartreuse flowers are borne on long, slender stems that rise up from a lovely basal rosette of spoon-shaped leaves



Plant Life Cycle: Annual

Site: Full Sun/Partial Sun

Days to maturity: 90-100 days

Height: 24-38"

Sow: Surface, presss into the soil

Plant spacing: 12-18"

Approx seeds per packet: 100


How to Grow:

Sow Nicotiana seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before last frost. Press the flower seeds into the starter mix, but do not cover. Or directly sow Nicotiana flower seeds outdoors after danger of frost has passed. The plant will easily bloom within 10 - 12 weeks after sowing the Jasmine Tobacco seeds. It requires average water, good soil, and balanced fertilizer during the blooming season. In many areas, if the Nicotiana plant is cut back in the fall, it will come back the next spring just like a perennial.


How to Harvest:

Harvest when ⅓ of flowers are open on a stem. Cut themt when  coolest part of the day( morning or late evening) and place into water with hydrator.


Vase Life: 


With a proper care and handling will last for 7 days


Nicotiana 'Lime Green"

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