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Marigold 'Starfire Mix' 
Tagetes tenuifolia


Unique, bicolor Gem-type marigold.Hundreds of petite flowers cover neat, low mounds of lacy foliage with a citrusy scent. ¾-1¼" flowers are lemon yellow with a maroon star-shaped pattern in the center. Long-blooming for beds, borders and containers.

These marigolds is a must-grow for mixed bouquets.

Each plant produces 15-20 branching stems that reach over 30 inches and are loaded with dozens of penny-sized glowing blooms in shades of red, orange and gold with numerous color variations and bicolors. The ferny foliage is wilt-resistant and scented, making it a summer bouquet staple. 


Plantlife cycle: annual

Site: full sun
Height: 24-30”
Days to maturity: 90 days

Seed depth: 1/4"
Plant spacing: 9-12”
Pinch: when 8-12" tall
Approx seeds per packet: 100


How to Grow: 

Sowing:Transplant (recommended) - Sow into 72-cell flat, or preferred seedling container, 4-6 weeks before last frost, lightly covering seed. Harden off and transplant out after last frost. For flowering in packs, sow 8 weeks before desired bloom time.

Direct seed - After last frost, sow 1/4" deep. Pinching encourages branching.

Notes:High temperatures can cause plants to stall, and temporarily decline in growth and bloom. Deadhead regularly to increase blooms.


How to harvest:

Harvest when ⅓-½ of the flowers on a spray are open.


Vase life:
Will last for 7-10 days . 




Marigold 'Starfire Mix '

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