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Lady's Mantle ( Achemilla Mollis) 


A longtime favourite for the summer garden.
Truly, no garden is complete without Lady's Mantle. The name alludes to the fanlike shape of this plant's light green foliage. A cottage garden classic, it produces masses of tiny, greenish-yellow blooms that erupt from fan-shaped foliage. Extremely drought tolerant and an excellent cover plant, it will thrive in sun or shade; a wonderful companion for roses. Long lasting as cut flowers

Lady's Mantle ( Achemilla Mollis)

  • Life Cycle : Perennial

    Site: Full Sun/ Partial Shade

    Height : 20 -24"

    Seed Depth: Surface , Press into the soil

    Plant Spasing : 18"

    Approx seeds per packet : 50

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